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This dynamic team leader workshop is just one from our range of leadership and management training courses.  Our team leader course has been designed for those who are newly appointed, about to be appointed, in the first year of a management or leadership position or have had little previous training. The workshop will show delegates how to assert themselves as team leaders and quickly advance the respect of their team. It will then provide a structure that will help the leader to find success and continue in their career development.


Why us?

All our course leaders are subject specialists and we provide unlimited post programme support.

100% of delegates rate our team leader course as good or higher.

94% of delegates enjoy our team leader course more than they expected

93% of delegates learn more on our team leader course than they expected

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Interactive, Practical, Enjoyable

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Who will benefit?

  • First Time Managers
  • New Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Group Leaders
  • Section Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Sales Managers
  • Managers with little previous training
  • People about to be promoted
  • People recently promoted


What will you learn?

Our training for team leaders recognises that those new to the role can often be internal promotions and helps you deal with this change.  We provide you with initial guidelines for team leadership and show how to avoid problems associated with running a team. We examine the five key skills that will help you to achieve greater results and put you in a strong position for future promotions. This team leader course will also provide you with a solid understanding of what makes effective management and you will learn the difference between management and leadership and how the two can work in harmony.


What’s included?

  • Course workbook
  • Hand outs
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Tea and coffee on arrival
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Lunch
  • Post programme support from your Course Leader


Your Course Leaders

Nigel Randall
Ron Mundy



The Double Tree, Islington
The Double Tree, West End
Euston House, Euston


Workshop Hours

9:30 am to 4:30 pm with suitable breaks for morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.


Course Fee

£345 plus VAT per delegate

3 for 2 booking offer


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Delegate Ratings

The course leaders knowledge

Very good









The workshop overall

Very good









Your learning

More than expected


About what I expected


Less than expected


Considerably less
than expected



Your enjoyment of the workshop

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About what I expected


Less than expected


Considerably less
than expected


Delegate Feedback

Made me feel very comfortable in an awkward environment. Very relatable scenarios used to help me in my day to day job.
Ashleigh Trevaskis, Panalux Ltd

Good presentations, good rhythm, the day went really fast. Participants are involved and don't lose track. Thanks.
Vincent Latour, PIRC

Would like to have more time.
Niyazi Moustafa, CC Engineering Ltd

Would like to look at some of the topics at a deeper level.
Adrian Smith, Open Mind

Very interesting and useful, Nigel makes you feel at ease from the get go and not a single mention of role play!
Molly Wakeley, Impress Print Services Ltd

Good cover of everything, good to look at everything from different perspectives and to make role relevant.
Max Edwards, The Good Eating Company

Introduced good, common sense ideas, communicated well. Thank you.
Rob Heard, Zund Plotting Systems (UK) Ltd

This training far exceeded my expectation and provided me with very valuable knowledge to further my ability to complete my work and objectives to a higher standard.
Bryce Jones, Rainbow Medical Services Limited

I like the combination of learning and workshops. I think it also helps you do the exercising with the same person all day. I also like the application to simple examples to illustrate things.
Chris Carey, Protean Software Limited

Exceedingly good! Useful tips and advice for dealing with all parts of situations and in general. Made me look at things from different angles.
Samantha Cross, Murdoch Asset Management

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