Case Studies

Our projects vary from client to client, each having specific needs to address as they grow their business. The examples shown are just a few from the many we have completed. Our relationship with many clients lasts a number of years and we are viewed as an integral part of their business development process.

Outstanding Customer Service

Casio Electronics Co Ltd wanted to ensure the level of service they provided to their customers and consumers remained at the highest level. To achieve this it was important that the three key service divisions all operated to the same high service standards and that internal service was given the same level of priority as the direct service provided to customers and end users.

Working closely with the Operations Director and Senior Operations Manager we created series of inter-department workshops focussed on customer service excellence throughout the total customer experience. The commitment of all the teams was first class with 100% attendance at all the sessions. The process ended with four group presentations to the directors and senior managers.

The results of our work could be directly measured though increased customer satisfaction, reduction on call waiting times and increases in revenues for the service department. The presentations also led to a number of additional internal projects that took service levels to an even higher level.

Front Line Leadership

Bombardier is a global leader in the aerospace and transportation sectors with over 80 production and engineering sites worldwide in 26 countries. Over the last three years we have been engaged to provide them with a tailored ILM Leadership Programmes followed by bespoke solutions to improve the front line leadership and teams operating within the London Underground and National Rail networks. This investment has led to measurable improvements in ways or working, performance measures, operational efficiency and customer service levels.

Solution Sales and Leadership Development

Formerly known as Voicenet Solutions, 8x8 is a leading European provider of unified cloud based communications solutions, who have delivered impressive year on year growth since 2004, winning many quality awards along the way, before being acquired by 8x8, Inc. in December 2013. We were engaged in 2011 to work with the Directors to create a new "Solution Sales Framework" to support their new strategy of delivering sector based communication solutions.

Over the past 5 years we have delivered interactive sales workshops to their sales teams and helped in setting up a Sales Academy which trains and invests in their Partners to raise their capability in selling solutions. In 2015 we were engaged in delivering Leadership Development Programme to invest in their high potentials and continue the year on year growth of the business.

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