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Feedback from our open programmes is really important to us as it allows us to constantly check the standards of our work. One in four of the companies who send delegates to our open programmes go on to work with us on an in-house basis.


of all delegates rate the course leader's knowledge as good or higher
of all delegates rate our workshops as good or higher
of all delegates learn more than they expected
of all delegates enjoy the course more than they expected


See all our delegate feedback below.

The workshop was engaging throughout with actionable advice and tactics to take away. It exceeded my expectations and I was very impressed with Nigel. I would say that the workshop title was less exciting than the actual content.
Lee Gannon, Receptional

The course was really thought provoking and helpful - I will definitely be using what I have learnt when communicating with clients.
Claire Philbin, Receptional

Nigel was a great character and kept us all engaged.
Jenny Bellotti, Panalux Ltd

Very fluid and interactive, not just sit and listen.
James Rosen, Panalux Ltd

I was very happy and interested with Nigel's way of teaching and technique. Overall very interesting - certainly given me things to think about. Nigel - 10/10.
Deborah Hill, Panalux Ltd

Interacitve, engaging, informative.
Amy Varley, Orchid Field Marketing

I found the workshop to be engaging and informative. There are areas which I believe I can improve on in my role from the workshop.
Razia Quraishi, Casio Electronics

It was a great workshop.
Scott Everest, Tesla Engineering Ltd

Well informed course leader. Content kept me interested. Ring bound book easy to take away.
Jason Guy, Tesla Engineering Ltd

Good balance between direction, individual and group activities. Kept me interested and engaged at all times.
Daniel Stringer, Sandy Brown Associates

Very informative and well presented. Useful information.
Paul Ruffell, Panalux Ltd

Gained some more knowledge in how to motivate people in my team. I have a few more tools in the box.
Patrick Roberts, Panalux Ltd

I have enjoyed the workshop, as it seems it would be very productive in the future. Aspects like SMART approach, 1 to 1, GRID management will prove positive in the long run.
Minal Joshi, Casio Electronics

Was really interesting and kept us all engaged despite it being the hottest day of the year!
Yasmine Jardine, Lucky Voice Ltd

The general knowledge elements were great. It would've been good to explore and discuss more about specifics of cold calling/escaping phone screening/conversion of enquiries.
Filipe Borne, Lucky Voice Ltd

Nigel has helped me to think about selling differently.
Richard Harvey, Impress Print Services

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