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Feedback from our open programmes is really important to us as it allows us to constantly check the standards of our work. One in four of the companies who send delegates to our open programmes go on to work with us on an in-house basis.


of all delegates rate the course leader's knowledge as good or higher
of all delegates rate our workshops as good or higher
of all delegates learn more than they expected
of all delegates enjoy the course more than they expected


See all our delegate feedback below.

Adrian was brilliant! Kept it interesting and related well with business situations and our comments. He made me feel comfortable.
Craig Woods, Tesla Engineering Ltd

Enjoyed the day, great to see others in the same position as myself. Gone away with some key structures to implement.
Ed Stimpson, Tesla Engineering Ltd

I have thoroughly enjoyed Adrian's course today and taken away some incredibly useful tools that I can implement immediately to improve my business.
James Newhouse, Receptional

Participation was easy within the small group within the workshop.
Mark Fisher, UCL Business Ltd

Nigel made it fun and interesting with the activities, working in small groups meant you learnt from others and picked up points that I could use.
Charlotte Lowe, SMC Pneumatics

Really clear and concise with great explanations to problems one might face showing how to resolve work related issues.
Mark Dunn, Panalux Ltd

Learnt good information.
Louis Asase, Panalux Ltd

Nigel provided an excellent training course, well presented, useful information and interesting. I will use plenty of the things I have learnt today in my day to day role.
Gary Wallace, Panalux Ltd

Great and effective course.
Olivier Sou, Casio Electronics

The workshop was engaging throughout with actionable advice and tactics to take away. It exceeded my expectations and I was very impressed with Nigel. I would say that the workshop title was less exciting than the actual content.
Lee Gannon, Receptional

The course was really thought provoking and helpful - I will definitely be using what I have learnt when communicating with clients.
Claire Philbin, Receptional

Nigel was a great character and kept us all engaged.
Jenny Bellotti, Panalux Ltd

Very fluid and interactive, not just sit and listen.
James Rosen, Panalux Ltd

I was very happy and interested with Nigel's way of teaching and technique. Overall very interesting - certainly given me things to think about. Nigel - 10/10.
Deborah Hill, Panalux Ltd

Interacitve, engaging, informative.
Amy Varley, Orchid Field Marketing

I found the workshop to be engaging and informative. There are areas which I believe I can improve on in my role from the workshop.
Razia Quraishi, Casio Electronics

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