Open Programmes

Our Quality - What to Expect

Our training venues are all first class and have been selected for the quality of facilities, the level of service and the ease of travel

Your Workshop Director will have working experience in the subject and will be available to contact after the programme has been completed

You will receive a certificate of attendance shortly after the event

You will receive a summary of the key points of the programme three months after the event 

You can request for any material used on the day to be sent to you electronically

On selected programmes the working material plus additional reading material will be made available to you electronically via The Box

You can choose to opt in to receive a monthly newsletter including tips and techniques


Our Terms & Conditions

Places for training courses will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis and no contract to provide a course shall come into force until we provide written confirmation to you.

Delegates from the same company may be substituted by prior arrangement.

If we must reschedule a course due to circumstances beyond our control, we will arrange a mutually convenient date, or we reserve the right to re-arrange as mutually convenient.

In the extremely unlikely situation that the Programme Director is unable to attend an open programme and a replacement cannot be found in time, the course will be rescheduled without notice.

Working materials are included in the fees for open programmes unless otherwise stated.

Open programmes operate on a prepay basis. You may pay online at the point of purchase via the website or by bank transfer or by telephone having received an invoice for the programme booked. Places are only fully confirmed when payment is received.


Refunds and Cancellations

Fees will not be refunded if delegates fail to attend training courses.

First Touch Training Limited does not charge cancellation fees. If you need to cancel a place on an open programme, we will invoice the workshop as agreed and provide the workshop at a future date without penalty.


In-House Assignments

Our Quality - What to Expect

We will always maintain our integrity and protect the integrity of every client through our behaviour and actions based on: 


  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Pride
  • Responsibility 


This means that we will:

Only accept in-house or in-company projects which we feel we are qualified to perform

Always hold the client's best interest at heart.

Provide ideas and suggestions where appropriate, which believe will help us work better together

Hold all information concerning the affairs of the client in the strictest confidence and will not disclose any information obtained before, during or after any assignment.

Disclose at the earliest opportunity any special relationship, circumstance or business interests which might influence or impair judgement or objectivity.

Agree the criteria for success prior to the commencement of any project or assignment.

Always accept responsibility for our actions and maintain the highest standards of quality in our work.

Endeavour to feedback information outside of the scope of the project that may be of use to the client.


Our Terms & Conditions

Invoices will be submitted directly after the work for payment within 30 days

 Expenses are chargeable as shown below:

  •  Mileage at the agreed rate per mile to and from the consultant’s home address
  • Hotel costs (accommodation only)
  • Train fares (optional first class if appropriate)
  • Plane fares (Standard)
  • Hire of equipment
  • Production of working tools arising from the programme unless otherwise agreed


In the event of agreeing to perform outdoor activites we reserve the right to request GP certificates to confirm fitness to attend



In the event of cancellation of in-house days charges for preparation and materials will be applicable at the following rates:

  •  Within 8 weeks of the date of the assignment – 100% of the agreed fee
  • Within 12 weeks of the date of the assignment – 90% of the fee
  • Within 16 weeks of the date of the assignment – 80% of the agreed fee
  • More than 16 weeks of the date of the assignment – no charge


In the unlikely event of non-payment First Touch Training Ltd reserves the right to withdraw from the assignment.

Copyright remains the property of First Touch Training Ltd unless otherwise agreed.

Unless otherwise agreed our terms and conditions, not the clients always apply.


First Touch Training Ltd

Updated 4 January 2023

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