General Statement

First Touch Training acknowledges its responsibility for the environmental impact of its activities and is committed to minimising the impact of those activities on the environment

As a result, we will:


  • Always promote environmental best practice
  • Use whenever possible products that have been recognised as having a low impact on the environment
  • Whenever possible purchase products from suppliers who have a similar attitude towards the environment
  • Consider the environmental impact when managing waste products
  • Operate a policy of reduced consumption with regard to energy supply
  • Promote energy saving across our teams, suppliers, learners and other relevant parties 
  • Update our policy at least annually to reflect changing situations


The management of the company recognises and understands its responsibility to ensure the company's approach to the environment is always maintained.  To achieve this, we operate a policy of careful and ongoing planning, organisation and monitoring of all matters relating to the environment

With work undertaken exclusively on privately owned or client sites we ensure we work closely with the owners of those sites and our clients to ensure we follow the procedures and systems put in place by them regarding the environment


First Touch Training Ltd

Updated 25 November 2020

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