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Feedback from our open programmes is really important to us as it allows us to constantly check the standards of our work. One in four of the companies who send delegates to our open programmes go on to work with us on an in-house basis.


of all delegates rate the course leader's knowledge as good or higher
of all delegates rate our workshops as good or higher
of all delegates learn more than they expected
of all delegates enjoy the course more than they expected


See all our delegate feedback below.

Would like to look at some of the topics at a deeper level.
Adrian Smith, Open Mind

Exceedingly good! Useful tips and advice for dealing with all parts of situations and in general. Made me look at things from different angles.
Samantha Cross, Murdoch Asset Management

Great opportunity to really examine our current customer service processes and how they could be improved.
Matthew Burrowes, Triaster Ltd

Interesting, enjoyable day. Highly recommend to any person in sales/customer service role.
Caroline Munro, O'Donovan Waste Disposal Limited

Very relaxed and informative. Small friendly group.
Jillian Pannett, Mizen Design & Build Ltd

Found course very enjoyable and informative.
Colette Robinson, Mizen Design & Build Ltd

Enjoyed and learned a lot of areas however felt too much covered and not enough time to take into account how this could be developed into my role into XXX area.
Lynn Bailey, Trinity Insurance Services

I think there was a great deal of information to go through as Adrian pointed out. As an HR Practioner I have a passion for this and previous experience but I think it was overload for some. I think practical information on some areas like how to use a framework would be helpful. Very enjoyable overall.
Kalpa Joshi, Casio Electronics

Excellent first pass course with lots of great content and thought provoking.
Colin Mason, Allday Time Systems Limited

Due to the content of the day felt a bit rushed at times, could be broken into smaller chunks to give more time for thought. Adrian is hugely knowledgable, credible and happy to share experience/expertise.
Kathi Coffin, Orchid Field Marketing

A very helpful and useful workshop that I would recommend to other senior leaders.
Luke Smith, MRS Scientific

I was not sure what to expect from this workshop but I gathered a lot of knowledge to move forward into my new role.
Brett Smith, MRS Scientific

The workshop was full of practical knowledge and tips. It was kept in an entertaining and fast paced way with no time to get bored. Exciting! Many thanks.
Alicja Igla, Wipac Limited

I really enjoyed the workshop and would like to learn more about staff management.
Louie Nutt, Frutarom Limited

Nice small group where we could all discuss together with no awkwardness. Learnt a lot and glad there was no role playing.
Kirsty Henshaw, SMC Pneumatics

Very informative - will definitely use some of the working strategies within my job. Really enjoyed the course.
Emma Barker, SMC Pneumatics

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